Each system comes complete with a handheld remote.  Some of the features include activating a manual mist, turning the system on/off, and skipping a scheduled mist.  All Mistaway mosquito misting systems come with a one-year warranty so you can feel confident your investment is protected and secure.  Call us today for a free consultation!!aragraph here.

Mosquito Misting Systems

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Both the traditional drum-top mosquito mister and innovative tankless unit deploy a botanical insecticide called pyrethrin.  Derived from the extract of the chrysanthemum flower, pyrethrin flushes mosquitoes from foliage where they typically nest and attacks their central nervous system without leaving a residue. 

It’s time to take back your backyard.  Each system can be customized to fit your yard and your budget.  Crusader Pest Control is an authorized dealer and our licensed professionals will install, repair, maintain and fully educate you on how to use your system.

The Gen III+ tankless system offers snap in refills with no pre-mixing to provide a fresh and precise application every time.   Specialized nozzles are strategically positioned along the perimeter of the yard.  These Slimline nozzles can be mounted on fencing, in trees, and in flowerbeds to provide complete coverage with low visibility.    

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